House Of Kolor Shimrin 1 Paint System Review

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hok pbc

Amazingly Rich Designer Pearls "Deep Lilac"

Ive had a long wonderful relationship with House Of Kolor's Shimrin paint system. In fact it's been several years since House Of Kolor released the Shimrin2 line of custom paints and I have yet to try any of it! Shimrin1 has been good to me, so I am returning the favor and being good to it by not letting go!

To give you a little history. House Of Kolor was founded in 1956 by custom painter Jon Kosmoski! Jon wanted to develop a paint system that would out perform the less than desirable Lacquers and Enamel paints of the 50's. Kosmoski developed a custom paint product that has become world renowned! House Of Kolor maintains its integrity and reputation as a leader in the custom paint industry by using only the finest ingredients in the production of its products.

One of the many things that makes this system so attractive is that Shimrins are amazingly dynamic! What do I mean by dynamic?  Shimrin  is more than just a custom automotive paint. This system has been proven to perform on everything from crash helmets, to skateboard decks! I personally can't remember the last job that came through my studio that I wasn't able to use Shimrin's on successfully. Just off the top of my head Ive used Shimrins on guitars, motorcycles, automobiles, computer towers, RC bodies, properly prepped canvas, slate and the list just goes on and on!

House Of Kolor is not your average paint system. The ingredients used to manufacturer HOK products are the absolute best pigments, flakes, pearls and dyes known to man! That is no exaggeration either. Ive had the pleasure and displeasure of using several other custom paint systems. House of Kolor's Shimrin colors are the brightest and most vivid colors I have seen. Their metallic paints and pearls are also mind blowing and not comparable to any other paint system that I personally know of.

chameleon custom paint

The Best Color Changing Paint In The Industry!

In my work I use their graphic colors more than any other product within the Shimrin paint system. The colors are just amazing and they flow like silk through an airbrush. If you are currently airbrushing with water based paints Shimrin graphic colors would blow your mind! Not even comparable really. Imagine airbrushing without being interrupted by tip dry, or pulling a line infinitely without spitting, or sputtering. Something unheard of in the water based paint industry. Not to say there are not excellent water based paint products out there. What makes these paints perform as they do is that House Of Kolor mills their pigments down to a microscopic size allowing them to flow through the smallest of nozzles like silk. Nothing that I have airbrushed with to date sprays as perfect as these paints spray.

So lets run down through this system and break down each product in the system.

  • Glamour Metallics (BC & FBC) - Uniquely designed flakes in a clear base ready to spray mix 2:1 with RU series reducers. These metallic base coats feature amazingly bright colors that work well in numerous applications. They are most impressive when used in conjunction with candies. You can even use them as finish coats. Lay them down clear right over them for a gorgeous metallic, candy like paint job.
  • Designer Pearls (PBC) - The Shimrin 1 designer pearls are absolutely amazing! Although they are also sold in a dry form the PBC series are pearls suspended in a clear base that should be reduced 2:1 for normal spray applications. Ive also used these pearls many times through an airbrush. My airbrush of choice for most applications is the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. The HP-CS with it's stock .03mm nozzle has no problem spraying these pearls. For some added flash I regularly use these in illustrative situations. The add flash to flames and depth to other graphical applications.
  • Graphic Colors (SG) - Extravagant light-fast pigments milled down to a microscopic size. These colors cover amazingly well because of their pigment load and flow like butter through just about any tip set up. They work well in paint guns, detail guns and airbrushes. I use these colors in most of my custom artwork. They can be intermixed to create endless colors. Use for everything from hyper realistic art to custom graphics! You will fall in love with these gorgeous, light-fast custom paints.
  • Neon Colors (NE) - These neon colors are some of the brightest Ive ever worked with. Although I don't use them often they work great in those applications that require the neon touch. Like the graphic colors these colore mix 2:1 with supporting RU Series reducer!
  • Kandy Base Coats (KBC) - Kandy the easy way! Their Kandy Base Coats give a true kandy effect without the back breaking work! I have to be honest here I don't have much experience with them. The few times that I did use them I was very impressed with the color saturation and depth.
  • Kameleon Colors (KF) - Very pricey, but if your looking for the very best you wont find a better chameleon effect on the market. House Of Kolor's KF series use a massive pigment load to create a color shifting finish that is almost mind blowing. Ive used other chameleon bases and although good none compare to the massive color shifting effect of the KF series of Shimrin's. Your mind will be blown and I can guarantee you will never use another brand!
  • Metajuls (MBC) - Metajuls are a uniquely designed flake designed to give more of a punch than the BC & FBC series. Metajuls is an awesome alternative to a traditional metal flake job. They are also easier to work with than traditional flakes and are already suspended in a clear base.
  • Artistic Base (MB) - The MB series is a special paint product that can be used to create a endless array of artistic textures. Can be used for marbling, texturing, snake skin as well as other textures.

house of kolor speed shapes

There are two other very important products within the Shimrin paint system! Those products are SG100 and RU reducers which come in several different dry speeds. So lets take a quick look at both because they are both very important to this system.

  • Intercoat Clear (SG100) - Intercoat Clear, or SG100 is a mixing, or a process clear. I personally love this stuff and use as much of it as I do reducer. This product can be used in several different ways. It is ideal for tape outs and layering candies to prevent bleed. It is also a must have if you are airbrushing detailed pieces that require over reduced paint. In the work that I do there are times that I need to reduce colors down to the point of them almost breaking. When a color breaks it loses its adherence and film properties. Intercoat clear fortifies the paint so that it can be over reduced without it failing. Another idea application for which I use this product is when using candies. Candies being made of dye have a tendency to bleed. A few light coats of intercoat clear can prevent that dye from bleeding up through to following color layers. I just can't say enough about this product and anyone who has been custom painting for any length of time will also realize it's importance. And I almost forgot! SG100 is a must for mixing their Kandy Koncentrates. You can also mix the Koncentrates with a catalyzed clear. I generally opt for the SG100 though as you can shelf your mixed product for your next airbrushing session.
  • Reducer (RU) - The RU series is the reducer of the Shimrin system. The one thing you will notice if youve done any work with other systems is that this stuff is clean! It's made of virgin solvents. All of the above needs to be reduced with these products. This is one of the key elements to this system. If you try using another companies reducer you are going to run into issues. So I stress using this product by name when working with any of the Shimrins.

This is these are the main products within the Shimrin 1 paint system. This is though not by far the all House Of Kolor has to offer. House Of Kolor offers an endless supply of prep products and cleaners, ground coats, primers, sealer and clears. As mentioned at the beginning of this article they even offer a completely new paint system Shimrin 2.

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