The All New Paasche Vision Airbrush

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paasche vision airbrush
Paasche has just recently released the new Vision airbrush! Paasche also just discontinued their detail turbine airbrush. The Vision puts them back into the detail airbrush game in a big way! I was fortunate enough to receive one of the airbrushes from Chuck over at Paasche. Although I have not spent a huge amount of time with it. I have put it to work on a few in process projects I have going on around the shop. I do plan on creating a custom piece of art from start to finish with this and the Talon TG airbrush that Paasche has also released not to long ago. This will allow me to give you a better idea of what this and the Talon TG airbrush is really capable of doing. From what I have seen so far I think we all are going to be surprised at just how accurate and versatile this airbrush really is. I can tell you this, even though I hate comparing airbrushes. I am going to because Ive heard the question a hundred times already. "Is the Vision comparable to the CM C+ Micron." In short yes. The Paasche Vision can do anything the Custom Micron CM C+ can do. The vision atomizes dyes and pigmented paints amazingly, in fact just as well as my CM C+ Micron anyway! Another comparison of the two is the Microns ability to dial down the air at the nozzle of the airbrush so that it sprays a detailed stippled type effect. The Vision also is capable of pulling off the same effect. This effect is priceless when building realistic textures. There will be people who beg to differ but until you have the micron and one hand and the Vision in the other I don't want to hear it!

paasche vision or iwata micron

A internal breakdown of the Vision and the Micron CM C+

I believe Paasche has really given the airbrushing world an airbrush that is every bit as good as expensive Japanese airbrushes. This will open the doors for some artists who want precision and quality, but just cant afford $300 to $500. Aside from the up front cost of an airbrush one also has to consider the cost of maintenance on the airbrush. Vision parts are cheap and they are readily available in quantity. And did I forget to mention the Paasche Vision is proudly made in the USA! You just can not go wrong with the Vision.

The only negative points I could think of are as follows. Passche uses a patten thread size. So when you buy a Vision you will also need to buy a Paasche hose, or if you have a quick disconnect set up you can buy a Paasche male adapter which will fit right in to the female end of your universal quick disconnect adapter. The other slightly annoying detail that I noticed was that the reservoir cap does not seat all the way. The only other gripe I have about the Vision is the trigger. I love the tall trigger stance, but the stock trigger is slightly uncomfortable.

Despite these small issues I would recommend this airbrush to anyone! It is a high end, precision airbrush that will work well in a variety of situations.

  1. Reply Ramon Gibbs July 15, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Badger Sotar 20/20
    Paasche Vision
    Iwata HP-B
    I compared the three .2mm nozzle set-ups above, they each operate effectively.
    The Badger Sotar 20/20 .2mm performs extremely well for fine detail but parts are very tiny, fragile, expensive and not always available
    Paasche Vision also performs extremely well, particularly with the air vale control which allows very fine tuning of thin line using the .2mm and has inexpensive parts that are usually available
    The Iwata HP-B .2mm is great airbrush with top shelf atomization comes close to the fine lines the Sotar and Vision but also has tiny expensive parts that are always available.
    Excluding façade, prestige, or habitual purchasing the big question is simply “how expensive is the airbrush replacement parts and parts availability”?

    • Reply gavin October 30, 2015 at 4:44 am

      i love paasche products , i have used them for over 20 years, looks like a nice brush but for a brush that is made for fine detail work i cant understand why the paint cup is so large, all it will do is obstruct you as you work -please make a small cup version paasche or i no buy.

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