Is Paint Backing Up Into Your Airbrush?

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One airbrush issue that seems to baffle many new users is paint backing up into the body of the airbrush. Ive actually talked to people who have scrapped their airbrush due to this issue! One thing is for sure an airbrush can almost always be fixed. There are very few problems that will render you airbrush useless. In this video I cover the problem of paint backing up into the body of your airbrush and how you can fix it.

After reviewing this video I realized that I should have described the needle packing of an airbrush and how it works a bit better. A quick run down here should give you an idea of how the needle packing works.
The needle packing is basically a screw with a seal on one side of it and a hole through the center. The needle of the airbrush rides through the hole in the center. When the screw is tightened the seal pushes outwards creating a tighter fit, or a smaller center for the needle to ride through. Loosen the screw and the needle floats through the hole with less resistance. With that being said if the screw is not turned down enough the packing will not create a proper seal around the needle. This is what is causing most of you to experience issues with paint backing up into your airbrushes.