Mega Airbrush Tutorial! Easily Airbrush This Amazing Realistic Seascape!

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This Mega Airbrush Tutorial Will Teach You A Wide Range Of Airbrush Techniques That Will Further Your Ability As An Airbrush Artist!

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Looking to expand your airbrush skills? If so this tutorial is a great way to further your airbrush shielding and stenciling skills, as well as your freehand airbrushing skills. If you have the basics of airbrush control down this tutorial will be beneficial to you.

What makes this tutorial so beneficial is the fact that it covers so many critical airbrush skills, without filling you full of preconceived notions. Instead of ordering you to do things in a certain manner each step is simply demonstrated, allowing you to do the critical thinking and forming your own concepts and styles. The most unproductive airbrush tutorials are the ones where the teacher spells out doom and gloom if you do not follow his rules. This is not one of those tutorials!

The tutorial starts out with a demonstration in blending and gradation with an airbrush.

Any accomplished airbrush artist will have a great understanding of these three basic airbrush techniques. It is impossible to say which techniques are most important to an airbrush artist, but these 2 are definitely top contenders. The introduction of these techniques in this video will give you the basis you need grasp the concepts.

airbrush lesson

The airbrush artist then demonstrates some easy airbrush shielding techniques that he uses to build structure in the painting.

This easy airbrushing trick can be used to create an endless array of goodies. In this tutorial the artist creates underwater structure by simply airbrushing the rough edge of a torn piece of paper. I personally use this airbrush technique to create clouds, mountains, lightning bolts and many other scenes quickly and easily. The possibilities are really endless.

airbrush lesson

This is where the artist really begins to pick up momentum, the stencils come out and the main subject of the airbrush painting begins to take form.

The airbrush stencil has done amazing things for airbrushing. Without them allot of very well known airbrush artists would be out of business! They come in several forms, Corey Saint Clair uses stencils he cuts on the fly from the images he replicates, while artist like Craig Fraser lean more toward the use of pre-cut stencils to accomplish his work. An airbrush stencil is your map, to your painting, allowing you to place landmarks, create borders and add form quickly and easily. Once the quick easy work is completed the fun begins with freehand airbrushing.

airbrush tricks

Freehand airbrush work is what separates the men from the boys! It makes, or brakes your painting and defines who you are as an airbrush artist.

Anyone can throw paint at a stencil and call it a day, what really defines you as an airbrush artist is your freehand airbrushing abilities. If you want to make a name for yourself and your business, if you have one,  you need to become really good at your freehand techniques. Freehand airbrushing encompasses a wide range of skills that are used to bring everything together. From textures, to highlighting and shadowing, it's all in your ability to freehand airbrush!

freehand airbrushing


The artist wraps this airbrush tutorial up with a traditional airbrush, adding detail and texture to the painting.

Most seasoned airbrush artist also know how to sling a traditional paint brush. Learning to use one will greatly solidify your ability to create airbrush paintings that rise above the rest. They are most commonly used by airbrush artists to create intricate details that are next to impossible to create with an airbrush. Tiny, fine lined highlights and shadows are just a few of the details a traditional brush is perfect for.

detail airbrush

The techniques that you learn in the airbrush lesson can and should be applied to your own airbrush projects.

The whole point of spending the time and money on an airbrush lesson like this is to practice and learn techniques that can be applied to your own airbrush work. You are not simply trying to copy the airbrush work that's being done, but your learning bits and pieces that will greatly improve your work as an artist.

This tutorial was created using these great airbrushes by Harder & Steenbeck.

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