Airbrush Master, Terry Hill Reveals His Secrets For Airbrushing On Black T-Shirts

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A Classic Airbrush Lesson By Terry Hill, Must Know Airbrush Techniques For Serious T-Shirt Artist!

This is a classic Terry Hill airbrush extravaganza created specifically for you t-shirt artists out there! Don't be put off by the age of this video, the airbrush lessons and techniques you will learn here are etched in stone. They work as well today as they did then, and will work as just as well 30 years from now.

What you will learn:

  • Black T-shirt preparation for airbrushing
  • Specific paint application techniques for airbrushing black t-shirts
  • Heat press applications for t-shirt airbrushing
  • Airbrush stenciling
  • Learn two lessons, beach scene and chrome lettering

Terry Hill is without a doubt one of the most skilled airbrush artists in the industry. Terry has been featured in several airbrush instructional videos. He is also an instructor at the Airbrush Getaways and has worked with such companies as Createx to create some of the finest airbrush products available. You couldn't learn airbrush techniques from a more skilled and achieved airbrush artist.

In the video Terry Hill will teach you critical techniques for airbrushing on black t-shirts. You will learn Terry's secrets for painting flawless scenes on black, a skill each and every one of you will need to know when airbrushing t-shirts for money. A certain percentage of your customers will demand black t-shirts and if you can't provide a top notch product to them your going to lose business.

Terry covers everything you need to know, from prepping black t-shirts for airbrushing, to heat press applications for airbrushing t-shirts and everything in between, including important airbrush stenciling techniques. Terry combines all of these techniques to fully complete two airbrush scenes with you. First he will airbrush an amazing beach scene, then he goes into a wildly popular chrome airbrush technique that is a must learn!

The best thing about this spectacular, jam packed airbrush video is that many of the airbrush techniques taught here can be used on a slew of different applications. Airbrushing on black a background is a required skill for almost all airbrush artist, in just about any industry! So break out that airbrush and get started!

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