Inspirational Airbrush Artwork From The 80’s

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What's This?

If your looking for some artistic inspiration look no further! This inspirational post will be focused on the amazing airbrush artwork of the 1980's. The 80's were the last great decade of the airbrush before digital media began to take a foothold. Before Photoshop and Illustrator commercial artists relied heavily on the airbrush. During the 80's and in previous decades great airbrush art was everywhere. From movie posters, to CD covers and almost any type of print advertising. Now days all commercial illustration work is done using computer programs. Airbrushing today is a world away from what it use to be. It exists mainly in fine art and custom painting applications. The shift from airbrush to computers put allot of traditional illustrators, sign painters and other related professionals out of work. Here are just a few examples of fine 1980's airbrush magic!

This was just a small taste of 80's airbrush work. I am on a mission to hunt down and collect even more prime examples of this eras best airbrushing. So I will being making another post to follow this post up with.

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