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Harder & Steenbeck Evolution AL Plus

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evolution al airbrush

8.5 Total Score
Precision Extremely Light Weight Airbrush

Superb design and performance, aluminum construction makes for a light as air feel!

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One of the newest additions to Harder & Steenbeck’s airbrush lineup is the new Evolution AL Plus. The Evolution AL Plus is unique because the body of the airbrush is machined of a high end aluminum alloy. As far as I know it is a first in the airbrush industry. Because of this the Evolution AL Plus airbrush weighs in at just 56grams, or right about 2 oz. That is about half the weight of a comparable airbrush. The extremely light weight of the Evolution AL Plus reduces hand fatigue tremendously.

The Evolution AL Plus can be purchased in two different formats. The Solo which comes with a 2ml fluid reservoir and a .2 mm nozzle and needle. And the Two In One which comes with a .2 mm and a .4 mm needle and nozzle set and also comes with 2ml and a 5ml fluid reservoirs. The Evolution AL Plus is finished with a black mat finish with chrome details.

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  1. Reply FlyAir February 23, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    I finally got mine! Love it! Its lite as a feature and operates as you would expect from a high end H&S

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