Badger 100 SF

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Smooth Action, Good Atomization!

The Badger 100 SF is a well designed side feed airbrush the operates smoothly and sprays a well atomized pattern.

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The badger 100 Side feed airbrush has been a long time favorite of illustrators, fine artists and photo manipulators. It allows the airbrush artist to work at almost any angle by adjusting the tilt of the removable paint reservoir. The Badger 100 Side Feed airbrush is available in left and right hand models. The Badger 100 Side Feed can also be fitted with two different head systems. The head systems include a fine system and a medium head systems. The fine head system is perfect for extreme fine line detail, while the medium sprays heavier patterns. the 100 Side Feed will also accept both water and solvent based paints.

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  1. Reply kingkid November 16, 2014 at 12:12 am

    Airbrush was cutting-edge in the 60’s not so now

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