This Is How You Airbrush Advanced Graphics On An RC Heli Canopy

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Scott Milton of AceHelis Custom Canopies Gives You A Glimpse Into His World Of Specialized Custom Canopy Painting With A Great Step By Step Lesson

Want to learn how to airbrush ripped metal? If so Mark walks you through all the details of painting this very popular airbrush effect. Once you have the basics done you can start modifying and adding to what you've learned, the possibilities are really endless.  Mark starts right at the beginning demonstrating to you how he applies the masking film. He then works his way up through each step in an easy to follow manner.

The techniques he demonstrates here are fundamental to custom painting. Many of them are universal meaning they can be used on an array of airbrush projects, from guitar bodies to motorcycle tanks. He walks you through important processes, like applying transfer film, transferring graphics and cutting your design out. He also shows you different airbrush techniques to achieve cool effects.

Mark is using House of Kolor pre-mixed paints from TCP Global. House Of Kolor are industry leading custom paints and without a doubt some of the best custom and airbrush paints on the market today. House Of Kolor bases and Kandies have the highest color saturation possible, so all of your projects come out looking brighter and better than any competing products. TCP Global sells their kits on Ebay, these are a few of their most popular pre-mixed airbrush color kits.

  1. Reply alexa jone May 29, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    Wow, it cracks me up seeing people who know nothing about this hobby calling this fake! With ALL of the videos on You Tube that you can watch showing 3D RC helicopter flying (for you non-believers who don’t know what it is called), there is so much proof that this art really does exist. It’s not fake, it’s not CGI and most importantly, those blades are spinning so fast that they can instantly decapitate you. That is NO exaggeration. That’s why these helicopters can move like dragon flies and humming birds. By no means is this type of flying EASY to do (or safe to try for a novice), so before you think that you are going to rush out and buy one, do a search for Roman Pirozek. These things CAN be dangerous.?

  2. Reply admin May 29, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    I have no idea what triggered that. What exactly are you talking about? This video has nothing to do with anything your saying.

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