Learn How To Clean Your Airbrush

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One of the most important aspects of airbrushing is learning how to break down and clean your airbrush. If you have spent any time online reading comments and questions you have probably noticed a trend. Most of the questions have to do with an airbrush that worked a time or two, but no longer sprays. I would be willing to bet that most of these people are in the same boat. These people failed to clean their airbrushes and are just now figuring out that a complete cleaning is needed especially if the airbrush is going to be stored for any period of time.

So this is a very basic video. If you have been airbrushing for an extended period of time you probably wont find this video helpful. Anyone new to airbrushing on the other hand should take the time to watch this video. I demonstrate how to clean an airbrush for storage. Once you are able to break down, clean and reassemble your airbrush the sky is the limit.