Adding Scroll Work To Your Airbrush Lettering

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One of the things that set Jaime Rodriguez apart from other t-shirt airbrush artists was his attention to detail. He was also very open with his style and how he achieved his results. Very few top industry airbrush artists would ever even consider giving their style away without an upfront cost. Jamie eagerly shared his style and seemingly looked forward to helping other less established airbrush artists. This video is one of many that I will share with you from the late great Jamie Rodriguez.
In this video Jamie shows you how to add killer scroll work to your airbrush lettering. This is not a airbrush lettering video, but a video that will shed light on the art of detail. Good airbrush lettering is very common in the industry, stellar lettering is not! If you run with the information Jamie shares with you here it will drastically transform your lettering from the norm into the fantastic!

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