How To Save Up To 40% On Iwata Airbrushes!

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Before I begin I just want to make it very clear up front that this is not a sales pitch. I want to share with you an experience I had purchasing a couple Iwata airbrushes from an unlikely source. At the time the Iwata HP-CS Eclipse that I had been using for years took a turn for the worse. It was more economically sane for me to purchase a new airbrush than to spend almost as much fixing the broken one that I had. So I went to all the places I would normally go to when comparing airbrush prices. During that process I somehow ended up on Ebay and also began comparing prices there. That is when I noticed something. I noticed a bunch of Japanese sellers were selling the airbrush I wanted for a fraction of the cost of one from the above established brick and mortar airbrush shops.  I had heard of people buying knock off Iwata parts and really just assumed these people were selling knock off Iwatas. But the more I browsed the more these airbrushes looked more like the real deal than a bogus deal.

First I began pulling in these sellers product information, how many of these airbrushes had these people sold? A few sold next to none so I excluded them from my search. There were a few that had sold hundreds of Iwata airbrushes. One specifically sold almost 100 Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrushes. The airbrush I was after. The very next step I took was to research the feedback left for these sellers and low and behold most had 100% feedback. At this point I started thinking to myself this has to be real. If these guys were selling knock off Iwata airbrushes there is no way they would have maintained a 100% feedback rating. By this time I was really only focused on 3 sellers.

You know what they say if it's to good to be true it normally isnt. So I went ahead messaging these guys on there return process and also inquiring about the product. Everything was checking out. As hard as I had tried to prove to myself that these people were scam artist it just didnt pan out that way. So to make a long story short I settled on one seller who sold me two Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrushes at about $75.00 a piece. I then paid for the optional 7 day shipping which was $20.00. The grand total was something like $170.00. Yes for two Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrushes. That is just $85.00 per airbrush with shipping figured in.

So lets just I was stressing the entire week I was waiting for these airbrushes. I finally received the airbrushes in the mail about a week later. I quickly opened the first airbrush and inspected it. Everything looked good and everything panned out. The airbrushes were 100% authentic!

If you want to buy an authentic Iwata airbrush at a fraction of the price this is the seller that I used to purchase my HP-CS airbrushes. There are probably 25 more Japanese Iwata sellers. I can not vouch for them.[highlight-blue] Below is a list of just a few Iwata airbrushes the specific seller "zipangu999" is selling on Ebay right now. Check them out, check out his prices and buy knowing that you just saved up to 40% on you new Iwata airbrush![/highlight-blue]

"zipangu999" Airbrushes For Sale!

No items matching the keyword phrase "iwata" were found. This could be due to the keyword phrase used, or could mean your server is unable to communicate with Ebays RSS2 Server.
No items matching the keyword phrase "iwata" were found. This could be due to the keyword phrase used, or could mean your server is unable to communicate with Ebays RSS2 Server.
The airbrushes I ordered from japan on ebay

The airbrushes I ordered from japan on ebay

iwat airbrush eabay 4

Iwata airbrush ordered from Japan


Iwata airbrush ordered from Japan Photo 2



  1. Reply Tyler H. November 15, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Thanks bro. I just ordered a HP-CS and an CM-CP2 from him based on your recommendation of him…..Fingers Crossed!!!!!! thats a whole lot of money to give someone on the other side of the WORLD lol :-X

    • Reply Pajo February 24, 2016 at 9:05 pm

      Have you received the CM-CP2 and if yes, how do you like it? Does it look genuine?

  2. Reply admin November 15, 2015 at 10:12 pm

    I was really hesitant myself at first. I did allot of research before I made my first order with him. I have not ordered anything from him in awhile, but just the fact that he is still in business and selling a crap ton of airbrushes says allot!

    I payed the extra money to have mine shipped expedited… Drop back in when you get them and let us know how everything went!

  3. Reply Joe April 19, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    All my Iwata Microns, Hp’s, Eclipse, etc. are from Japan. All real, all perfect all saved me ton of money!!!

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