How To Make Money Airbrushing

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The computer wreaked havoc on the airbrush industry throughout the early 90's. Many artists lost jobs in the advertising and sign painting industries. The good news is there are still a many ways to make good money with an airbrush if you have the drive and know how. I personally bring a large portion of my monthly income in by airbrushing. So I figured I would take some time to highlight some of the ways you to can start making money doing what you love. Just a for-word this is not a get rich quick article, in fact I am going to do nothing here but highlight some proven ways to make money with an airbrush. You will have to do all the work if you want to pursue any of these fields. Hopefully this article will open your eyes to the many opportunities available to you and your trusty airbrush.

Airbrushing T-Shirt And Textiles

One of the most popular ways to make money with an airbrush is t-shirt and textile airbrushing. In fact I personally know several people who do very well for themselves airbrushing t-shirts, hats and sneakers. The cool thing about these people is they have all found their own way of marketing their products. I know one persona who rents space out at a very busy mall, I know another who strictly sells airbrushes merchandise online, while I know yet another guy that basically hits big events like carnivals and state fairs. You to could could be the next big thing in this industry. How would you go about marketing your airbrushes t-shirts, hats and other cool textiles?

Automotive And Motorcycle Airbrushing

The automotive and motorcycle airbrushing industry is huge right now. the only thing is you need to be good with your airbrush to get involved in this industry. Unlike the T-shirt And textile airbrushing industry which is very forgiving.  An industry leading airbrush artist can ask and get $12,000 plus for a detailed motorcycle paint job. The money is there you just have to set your mind on what you want and go get it. If you think your going to just jump into this industry and start raking in five figure paydays your in for a bug surprise! More often than not someone with talent looking to get ahead in this field will work for next to nothing to get his name and work out. Nothing in this world comes easy and this industry is no exception. Just be aware there is big money in auto and motorcycle airbrushing and custom painting if your willing to put in the work.

Airbrush Spray Tanning

One of the biggest movements to hit the health and beauty sector is spray tanning. Spray tanning can be done using a small air compressor and an airbrush. Though medium sized air compressors and mini HVLP guns seems to be the norm. The going rate per spray tan session is about $50.00. It literally takes minuets to spray an entire body. If you work hard at airbrush spray tanning and build a loyal client base you can make allot of money. You might have noticed a trend by now. Any field that you pursue is going to take allot of hard work and dedication.

Custom Painted Fishing Lures

The custom fishing lure business is hot right now. There is allot of money to made painting custom lures. The best part about lure painting is that you can jump right in. But it will take allot of hard work and research on your part to master this craft. The gear you will need to get started is minimal. An airbrush, a compressor and a good selection of paints, pearls and flakes. If you become take your time and learn the ins and outs of this business you could really make allot of cash. Like I keep saying you gotta want it and you have to work your but off!

Airbrushing Nail Art

There is allot of money to be made airbrushing and custom painting finger nails believe it or not! The nail airbrushing business is a little more challenging to break into than the other opportunity Ive discussed. You will have to open your own shop or find a shop looking for highly skilled airbrush artists. If it is something you really want to do it is absolutely doable though.

Airbrush Tattoos

The airbrush tattoo business can be very lucrative. To make it in this business though you are going to have to work hard. It will no doubt take allot time and planning, but if you put together the right formula your going to make money. You will find most airbrush tattoo artists working fairs, carnivals, birthday parties and other ceremonies. This business is geared more toward children like face painting.

Custom Painted RC Bodies

This is another small niche based airbrush business that can rake in allot of cash. The thing with custom painting rc bodies is that it takes a very skilled hand to create professional level bodies. If your bodies do not look A1 perfect your rc body painting business is not going to last long at all. The most challenging aspect of custom painting rc bodies is that you have to paint in reverse. All of your graphics are painted on the underside of a clear body. The determined airbrush artist could make a ton of money airbrushing these bodies if he or she plays their cards right.

Custom Helmet Painting

Custom helmet painting is big business! You can focus on painting motorcycle helmets only, or expand your horizons and also airbrush hockey, baseball and skateboard helmets. To make the big bucks in this business you have to be good, so practice and constant testing is a must. You could market this business several different ways online and off ensuring that you have a steady stream of work and money.

If you have followed along this far you are probably noticing a pattern. Which is hard work and determination. If you want to make it as an airbrush artist in any specialized niche you need to be good! You have to want what your doing so bad that you can taste it. Anything less will most likely spell out your demise as a professional airbrush artist. There is no easy money in the field of airbrush.

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