Gravity, Suction Or Side Feed Airbrushes

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If your new to airbrushing and your not familiar with the three main airbrush style are read on your in the right place.

There are three different styles of airbrushes. Those styles are the gravity feed airbrush, the suction feed airbrush and the side feed airbrush. Without over complicating things I am going to try to give you some easy, digestible information.

The Gravity Feed Airbrush.

cm-c micron airbrush

As you can see in the photo above the gravity feed airbrush is fed from a fluid cup that is attached to the top end of the airbrush. It uses gravity to feed paint to the nozzle of the airbrush. This type of airbrush is easy to use and easy to clean. In fact the gravity feed airbrush is the most popular style airbrush. The gravity feed airbrush is great for beginners because it is so easy to use and maintain. It is also the airbrush of choice for most custom painters and fine airbrush artists.

The Side Feed Airbrush.

iwata cm-sb airbrush

The side feed airbrush is exactly as you might expect. It is an airbrush that is fed from the side which uses both gravity and suction to draw paint threw its nozzle. The airbrushes are great for illustration and tight detail situations. The side feed while being a proven design is the least popular of the three airbrush styles. The side fed airbrush is kind of a hybrid which depends on both suction and gravity to draw medium through the nozzle of the airbrush. This type of airbrush is extremely popular with illustration artists.

The side feed airbrush is a bit more involved and may not be the best choice for beginners. The side feed airbrush requires stringent maintinance  for dependable, prolonged use.

The Suction Feed Airbrush.

iwata hp-bcs airbrush

Finally the suction feed airbrush. The suction feed airbrush is fed from the bottom of the airbrush. This style of airbrush uses your air source to create suction and draw paint up threw the nozzle. This is a popular airbrush style in the t-shirt industry because most textile airbrush artists use plenty of air which is required to draw paint up threw the airbrush. All in all the suction feed airbrush is the king of airbrush types when it comes to popularity. This does not mean the suction airbrush is ideal for you.

As popular as the suction feed airbrush design is suction feed airbrushes can be a real pain if not maintained properly. Instead of paint flowing into the nozzle this type airbrush requires a constant, steady supply of air to pull paint up threw a straw and into the nozzle. If your pressure is to low or you dont have steady pressure your going to run into problems using a suction feed airbrush.

The suction feed airbrush is also more difficult to clean and maintain than say the gravity feed airbrush.

There it is simple and straight forward. Hopefully you have a better ideal of what the three airbrush feed styles are now.



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