Can Harbor Freight’s, Central Pneumatic Airbrush Tow The Line?

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If you take the time to search around the internet you will begin to realize that most of the information out there regarding Harbor Freight's Central Pneumatic airbrush is negative. There is an endless number of videos on Youtube and countless forum posts. Unfortunately most of what you read and see online pertaining to this airbrush is B.S.! I believe that most of the negative content regarding this airbrush comes from people who don't know the first thing about airbrushing, or airbrush maintenance. If you gave these people a high end airbrush to review they would probably review it in the same way. I believe that most of the people trashing this airbrush are not cleaning it for storage properly. In my early days of airbrushing I used this airbrush to create most of my work. I never had a problem with it because I would clean it thoroughly after each use.
I wont argue the fact that this airbrush is far from high end. But as your about to see it also far from a paper weight.

So those of you who are new and are not sure if spending $150.00 on an airbrush is right for you try try this airbrush! Just be vigilant when cleaning and storing this airbrush. If you do decide to pick this airbrush up I recommend purchasing some fast blast bottles for it.  Ive listed a few fast blast bottle deals below. This is about as cheap as they get.

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