How To Breakdown And Clean Your Airbrush

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If your going to airbrush your going to need know how to disassemble your airbrush for cleaning and how to reassemble it. This straight to the point lesson will show you in detail how to disassemble your airbrush, identify the parts of your airbrush, clean your airbrush and finally how to put it all back together again. If you fail to practice this important step your not going to be airbrushing for long! Every airbrush needs cleaning. And in the airbrush world there are ways to clean an airbrush. A quick cleaning is a basic cleaning that involves flushing out your airbrush without any real disassembley. A quick cleaning is a must between color changes and throughout a project. But at some point your airbrush is going to need a full body cleaning. Without this step your airbrush will quit working and youll end up with an expensive paper weight.
All popular airbrushes today work identical to one another. So regardless of what airbrush you own this article has your airbrush covered. It would be extremely redundant to cover each and every airbrush on the market. It is also important that you follow these steps in the following order! So with that being said lets get busy!

So lets start breaking your airbrush down. Lets start by removing the back handle. twist it to the left to loosen and then remove.
remove airbrush handle

With the handle removed you will next need to loosen the chuck screw so that you can pull the needle out of your airbrush. You will want to clean the needle and then set it off to the side so that you do not damage the tip. Here is an image of the needle chuck. You will loosen the barrel nut on the end to remove the needle.

airbrush chuck screw

Ok so this is what you should have sitting in front of you right now.

airbrush needle removal

So now you will need to turn the entire airbrush chuck to remove it from the airbrush. Turn it left to loosen and remove. Once done you should have the following laying out in front of you.

disassemble airbrush

Now you will want to turn your attention to the trigger and trigger rocker. Lift your airbrushes trigger up out of the airbrush. Once removed you will notice the rocker sitting in behind where the trigger was. Shake your airbrush just a bit upside down. Just enough to convince the rocker out.

Here is a close up of the airbrush trigger along with the rocker.


Here is a photo of what your airbrush should look like now.

airbrush trigger

Now you will want to focus on the front end of the airbrush. You are going to remove the entire front end which will come off in two to three pieces. I dont keep the end air caps on any of my airbrushes so removing the front end of my micron was as simple as removing two pieces as follows.

airbrush trigger removal

And then a close up of the head assembly.

airbrush nozzle

At this point your airbrush is fully disassembled and ready to be cleaned. There are two other areas of your airbrush that can also be disassembled. I don't recommend you dive into them though. Not until you have a solid understanding of your airbrush and how it works and then only when you have no other choice. Those two sections of your airbrush are the air valve and the needle packing seal.

Once cleaned you will work will follow the same steps that Ive listed here, but in reverse. So you will start with the last step and work your way back to step number one. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section of this article.

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